Thu, Dec 19 | The venue is: Koenji HIGH

One Drop Performance



Dec 19, 2019, 10:40 PM
The venue is: Koenji HIGH


One Drop Performance

◇ Time: 18:10 Open / 18:30 Start (planned)

◇ Venue: Koenji HIGH

◇ Price: 1,800 yen * 1D is not included

* As an early discount, if you enter by 19:00, it will be 1,500 yen!

Cast: Misato Ari / Shibuya DOMINION / Ayaka Ishikawa / Momo Ito / Hikari Kubota / Fumina Fukagawa / 1682 / Sakuragaoka HS / elfin'/ etc.

Ari Misato's turn is from 20:50 to 21:00.

Thank you for your support.

[About reservation]

* Since the fee for this performance is flat, no reservation is required, but it will be stamped on the stamp card, so please tell the receptionist that you are making a reservation at Ari Misato.

* We would like to inform you in advance of Ari himself and those who will come to the stack on the day, so reservations are of course welcome!

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application].