Sat, Apr 03 | The venue is: SUB TOKYO

アイドル放課後プロジェクト特別編 (1)

The reception is closed.


Apr 03, 2021, 10:40 PM
The venue is: SUB TOKYO


Performance name: "Idol After School Project Special Edition" -Weekday Performance Edition?

Performance date: November 15th (Friday)

Meeting place: SUB TOKYO

(3 minutes walk from Nakano Sakaue Station, under Daiso)

2-2-11 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Hours: Open: 16:15 (planned) Start: 16:30 (planned)

Fee: Reservation 1,500 yen (1D not included) Same day 2,000 yen (1D not included) Early bird discount 1,000 yen (1D not included)

* Special rate for those who entered by the start of the performance


Surijie (Cosmos Troupe / Nijigumi / Star Troupe) / Surijie Candidate / Misuke Horii from Fantasy, Delusion and Your Love World / Ayasa Amami from Astreia * / Yuria Yuki from Toru-toumei-Ming / Emo et al. Bi / Ari Misato / Glitter Piece / Shiroboshi ☆ Victoria / TSUNAGU / Amatsusora / 1682 / Tachibana Urara / Kihime Himeho / Sakuragaoka HS / Teardrop / Attocchi / TJ (Tone Jewel) / TWIST JEWEL /

* In no particular order

★ Ari Misato's turn is 🎤 20:55 ~ 21:15 Product sales will start from 21:25 after the turn.

[About reservation]

* This performance is kindly provided by the organizer, and basically the nomination of Ari Misato is treated as a reservation.

Please tell at the reception that you are making a reservation at Ari Misato as it will be subject to stamps on the stamp card.

* We would like to inform you in advance of Ari himself and those who will come to the stack on the day, so reservations are of course welcome!

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application].